Josh Mandel

Josh Mandel completed two terms as Treasurer of the State of Ohio, having overseen the state’s $22 billion investment portfolio and $232 billion pension custody portfolio. Josh was elected in 2010 and re-elected in 2014, winning both elections by double-digit margins. When Josh took office, Ohio’s finances were ranked 43rd in the nation and the state faced an $8 billion budget hole. By the end of his first term, Ohio’s financial ranking had improved to 7th in the nation and the state had more than a $1 billion surplus. Along the way Josh was recognized with the Association of Government Accountants award for “Excellence in Financial Management”, the American Society for Public Administration’s award for “Integrity and Ethical Conduct in Public Service”, and the State Financial Officers Foundation award for “Transparency in Government. Josh’s previous elected experience included two terms in the Ohio House of Representatives. During his time in the state legislature, Josh served as the Ranking Member of the Financial Institutions, Real Estate and Securities Committee. Josh is a Marine Corps veteran, having served two tours in Anbar Province, Iraq. He holds a bachelor’s degree from The Ohio State University, a Law Degree from Case Western Reserve University.