Christina Lurie

Christina Weiss Lurie

Ms. Weiss Lurie has been a member of our board of directors since May 2016. Her multi-faceted career spans the worlds of sports, entertainment and philanthropy. She is an owner of the Philadelphia Eagles and the Founder of Eagles Youth Partnership (now the Eagles Charitable Foundation). She is also a two-time Oscar award-winning film producer. As executive producer, Ms. Lurie received the Oscar for each of “Inside Job” (in 2011), which tackles the consequences of systematic corruption of the U.S. by the financial services industry, and “Inocente” (in 2013), which features the struggles of a homeless, undocumented teen. She is the co-founder of independent film company, Vox3 Films, founded in 2004, which now operates as Tango Pictures. She is also a noted philanthropist. Under her leadership, the Philadelphia Eagles earned the coveted 2011 Beyond Sports Team of the Year award for their work in the community and for trailblazing environmental programs in professional sports. She received her B.A. from Yale University. Among other qualifications, Ms. Lurie brings to our Board extensive content production experience and brand management skills from the Philadelphia Eagles.